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November 16, 2017
Croatia imports a significant portion of the food it consumes.
November 14, 2017
Effective October 27, Tunisian banks stopped financing the importation of non-essential consumer products, adversely impacting between $5-30 million of U.S. food and agricultural sales.
November 13, 2017
From November 1-3 2017, the Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Beijing coordinated the U.S. pavilion at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo (CFSE) in Qingdao, China.
November 13, 2017
This goal of this report is to introduce U.S. exporters of farm, fishery and forest products to the major trade shows taking place throughout China.
November 10, 2017
Singaporeans love seafood, not to mention a fair share of 16.4 million visitors in 2016 who together rang up sales valued US$1.07 billion for imports.
November 6, 2017
Singapore has a vibrant, highly dynamic and competitive Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional (HRI) sector. Strong demand by business travelers and a rising number of tourists drive the HRI sector....
November 2, 2017
Singapore is one of the world’s most open economies and highly dependent upon international trade as it imports 90 percent of its food needs.
October 20, 2017
Nineteen U.S. exhibitors reported US$1.5 million on-site sales and US$3.3 million in projected sales at the Seafood Expo Asia 2017 show in Hong Kong September 5-7.
October 17, 2017
The Government of India’s (GOI) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) published official gazette notification for Food Safety and Standards....
October 5, 2017
Jordan’s Ministry of Industry and Trade lowered by three percent the sale price of subsidized flour to bakeries in July.
October 4, 2017
South China dairy imports rising again…Upcoming opportunities for U.S. exporters to meet with South China seafood, and other food and beverage importers…
September 29, 2017
Expansion and diversification of large-scale retail businesses coupled with the introduction of information technologies has led to a rapid evolvement of the retail food sector in South Korea....
September 26, 2017
Korean imports of seafood in 2016 totaled $4.5 billion, up 6.2 percent from 2015 due to rising prices.
September 15, 2017
On August 31, 2017, the Government of Japan (GOJ) announced the details of a monitoring plan and detection method for genetically engineered (GE) salmon which is currently not approved....
January 7, 2016
In 2014 the total fish catch in Estonia was 67,964 MT, which included the Baltic Sea, long-distance and inland fisheries. The majority of Estonian supplies of fish originate from the Baltic Sea catch.
January 6, 2016
Russia and U.S. Sign Agreement to Fight Illegal Fish Catch . . . VPSS Restricts Fish and Seafood Transit . . . GOR Allocated Subsidies for Development of Dairy and Vegetable Sectors . . .
December 10, 2015
Chile’s salmon industry has been hit with low international prices and high production costs, which are causing revenue losses for salmon companies.
December 9, 2015
In 2014 the total fish catch in Lithuania was 150,000 MT, which included the long-distance, Baltic Sea, and inland fisheries.
December 9, 2015
For 2014 the total fish catch in Latvia was 120,000 MT, which included the Baltic Sea and long-distance fisheries.
December 7, 2015
Russian Bans Imports of Some Turkish Food Products . . . Russian Salmon Harvest in 2015 Smaller Than Expected . . . Eurasian Economic Commission (EAEC) Adopts New Maximum Residue Limits . . .