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International Agricultural Trade Report

Opportunities for U.S. Agricultural Exports in Egypt and Algeria

Egypt and Algeria are two of North Africa’s most rapidly growing markets for the food and beverage (F&B) processing and manufacturing sectors.
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India: Coffee Annual

Post forecasts marketing year 2021/22 coffee production to increase by 5 percent to 5.41 million 60-kilogram bags.
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Indonesia: Coffee Annual

Coffee production is forecast to modestly decline to 10.63 million (60 kilogram) bags in 2021/22 on lower yields in Robusta and Arabica growing regions.
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New Zealand: Fresh Deciduous Fruit Semi-annual

Although early indications were for a near-record New Zealand apple crop in 2020/2021, a number of factors have tempered expectations.
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Honduras: Coffee Annual

The production forecast for marketing year 2021/22 is 5.5 million 60-kilogram (kg) bags, a 12-percent reduction from the previous year.
Continued sharp increases in food prices remain a concern in South Africa.
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Japan: USJTA Treatment for Pork and Pork Products

This report is one in a series of product briefs highlighting the tariff benefits for specific commodities and products from Year 3 (2021) to Year 5 (2023) of the agreement.
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China: Making Moves to Reduce Food Waste

China is aiming to tackle food waste from farm to fork and everywhere in between. The country launched a clean plate campaign last summer and passed the Anti-Food Waste Law at the end of April this year.
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China: ASF Detected in Inner Mongolia

On May 12, 2021, China’s Ministry of Agriculture notified the U.S. Embassy in Beijing of the detection of African Swine Fever in Inner Mongolia. China is continuing to monitor the situation.
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Thailand: Rice Price - Weekly

Export prices for white and parboiled rice are still trending upward, with new inquiries from African markets and increased demand for glutinous rice from Asian markets.
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Burma: Rice Trade - Monthly

In May 2021, Burma’s rice exports are forecast to decline with the expectation of the continued closure of Burma-China border checkpoints to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Singapore is seeking feedback from stakeholders on draft amendments to labeling and advertising requirements for “Nutri-Grade beverages” sold in Singapore.