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Philippines: Higher Voluntary Ethanol Blends Considered

The Philippine government is currently studying higher ethanol blends in gasoline on a voluntary basis up to 20 percent (beyond the 10 percent mandate).
The Government of Indonesia is set to increase its biodiesel blending mandate from 30 percent to 35 percent in February 2023, a month later than initially announced. The new blending rate is expected to increase palm oil use for fuel to 12.5 million...
Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) proposed an update to Japan’s biofuel standards from Japan’s fiscal year 2023 through 2027. METI will accept public comments in Japanese on the proposal until 5 PM on January 17, 2023, Japan time. Based on received public comments, METI will revise the contents in the proposed biofuel standards and open a second and final public comment period within a few weeks.
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Australia: Biofuels Annual

Ethanol consumption in Australia is forecast to remain stable in 2022 at only 1.1 percent of the gasoline pool, and biodiesel is forecast to increase moderately from very low levels but remain at less than 0.1 percent of the total diesel pool. Australia has very large feedstock (grains and molasses) supplies for bioethanol as well as robust supplies of feedstock (canola, tallow and used cooked oil) for biodiesel production.
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Japan: Biofuels Annual

Japan is updating its transport biofuel standards, which will expire in March 2023. In May 2022, Japan pledged to take all available measures to double demand for bioethanol by 2030. Boosting domestic production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), including alcohol-to-jet SAF, is Japan’s primary focus for meeting that commitment.
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Peru: Biofuels Annual

Peruvian ethanol production in 2022 is forecast at 220 million liters, a slight increase compared to the previous year. Ethanol consumption for 2022 is forecast at 260 million liters. Peru is forecast to produce 208 million liters of biodiesel in 2022.
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Malaysia: Biofuels Annual

The implementation of Malaysia’s B20 mandate has been officially postponed until the end of 2022. However, it will be difficult for the Government of Malaysia (GoM) to implement the B20 within the current deadline and Post expects the delays to continue into 2023.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) continue to collaborate on the Renewable Energy Program for the Agriculture and Fisheries Sector (REP AFS) to undertake programs aimed at boosting the country’s energy and food security.
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Japan: Japan Begins Review of its Transport Biofuel Policy

Japan held the first public meeting of the expert committee to update Japan’s biofuel target. Japan’s current on-road biofuel target expires in March 2023.
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Brazil: Biofuels Annual

Total Brazilian ethanol production for 2022 is estimated at 31.66 billion liters, an increase of six percent relative to 2021 due to the expected increase in sugarcane production and the steady increase in corn ethanol production.
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China: Biofuels Annual

China’s biofuels policies continue to wane as a priority for the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and investment in the sector has declined. Post estimates China’s 2022 ethanol blend rate at 1.8 percent, down from 2021 and well below the peak blend...
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Canada: Biofuels Annual

Canada’s Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR), Quebec's new low-carbon fuel regulation, and E15 in Ontario (in 2030) are expected to drive up ethanol demand in Canada. The CFR became law on July 6, 2022 and is designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with transportation fuel.