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New Zealand: Exporter Guide

New Zealand is an important market in the Pacific for U.S. agricultural products. In 2020, despite logistical and other challenges as a result of COVID-19, New Zealand’s imports continued strong and included US$ 575 million of U.S. agricultural products.
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New Zealand: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

There have been no recent significant official changes to the genetically engineered (GE) policies established by the New Zealand government.
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New Zealand: Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual

The same problems that beset apple production in 2020/2021, especially harvest labor shortages, could persist into 2021/2022.
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New Zealand: Dairy and Products Annual

Following an exceptional milk production year in 2021 (and especially the first half of the year), FAS/Wellington is forecasting milk production to fall slightly in 2022.
Although New Zealand has been less impacted by COVID-19 than most countries around the world, it has still had a major effect on the Hotel, Restaurant, Institutional (HRI) sector.
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New Zealand: Livestock and Products Annual

New Zealand beef production is forecast to fall slightly in 2022, following two straight years of record production.
This report lists the major export certificates and other documentation required by the Government of New Zealand for U.S. exporters and food and agricultural products.
New Zealand has strict biosecurity rules for plant and animal products but also imports large volumes of food and beverage products.
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New Zealand: Retail Foods

U.S. food and agricultural products have continued to prove popular in the New Zealand market, and in 2020 the value of these products was US$ 575 million, US$ 407 million of which were consumer-oriented products.
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New Zealand: New Zealand Proposes Biofuels Mandate

The New Zealand Government is proposing to introduce a sustainably-produced biofuels mandate for transport fuels in New Zealand.
Despite its small size, New Zealand is already an important market for alcoholic beverages and ingredients from the United States.
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New Zealand: Fresh Deciduous Fruit Semi-annual

Although early indications were for a near-record New Zealand apple crop in 2020/2021, a number of factors have tempered expectations.