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Turkey: Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual

The apple production for Turkey in Marketing Year (MY) 2021/22 is expected to be 4.28 million metric tons (MMT), slightly less than the 4.3 MMT of apple production in MY 2020/2021 due to frost damage in some regions in late May. Total pear production...
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European Union: Fresh Deciduous Fruit Annual

EU commercial apple production in Marketing Year (MY) 2021/22 is forecast at 11 MMT, an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous year.
The Spanish deciduous fruit sector is focused on varietal innovation, sustainable production, the circular economy, and smart farming, resulting in a higher productivity with quality products.
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European Union: Stone Fruit Annual

Unfavorable weather conditions with frost and heavy rainstorms during the blossoming and fruit set account for the overall drop in EU stone fruit production in MY 2021/22.
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Poland: Stone Fruits Update

In Marketing Year (MY) 2021, FAS Warsaw forecasts Poland’s total cherry production at 213,000 metric tons (MT), consisting of 165,000 MT of sour cherries and 48,000 MT of sweet cherries.
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Turkey: Stone Fruit Annual

The total cherry production forecast in Turkey in Marketing Year (MY) 2021/22 is 860,000 metric tons (MT), which is 54,000 MT less than MY 2020/2021, due to frost damage that occurred in Izmir and Konya in the late spring.
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Germany: Overview on the German Cherry Sector 2021

Germany is the third-largest importer of fresh cherries in the world after China/Hong Kong and Russia. The largest non-EU cherry suppliers are Turkey for sweet cherries and Serbia for sour cherries. Opportunities for fresh U.S. sweet cherries are...
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Turkey: Raisin Annual

This report focuses specifically on sultana raisins, which are a dried seedless grape variety indigenous to the Aegean region of Turkey and are grown mostly in the regions of Manisa, Izmir and Aydin.
A French ban on the sales of fruit and vegetables with identifying stickers threatens exports of U.S. sweet potatoes (approx. $20 million in sales annually) and grapefruits ($8 million annually).
Over the past five years, Portuguese fruit production has improved its efficiency and evolved into a dynamic and advanced agricultural sector.
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Turkey: Citrus Semi-annual

High price increases on input costs such as electricity, fertilizer, and chemicals continue. Fertilizer prices are especially worrisome for Turkish producers, with a 60-90 percent increase in the last marketing year. In MY 2020/21, orange production...
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European Union: Citrus Semi-annual

In MY 2020/21, EU citrus production is projected to rebound 10.4 percent compared to previous season to 11.7 MMT.