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Costa Rica: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

U.S. exports of consumer-oriented products rose 34 percent in 2021, climbing to $394 million, due in part to a strong recovery in the tourism sector. There were more than 1.4 million in-bound international travelers through July 2022, slightly off the pre-pandemic pace, but more than double 2021 levels and including nearly 820,000 Americans.
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Brazil: Poultry and Products Annual

Post forecasts production at 14.85 million metric tons in 2023, up three percent due to strong external demand and improved domestic consumption, setting a historical record. Consumption for 2023 is forecast at 9.85 million metric tons, growing two percent. Brazil is expected to continue to be the world’s largest exporter of chicken meat and Post forecasts a six percent increase for 2023 totaling 5 million metric tons.
The resumption of travel amid a waning COVID-19 pandemic is breathing much-needed fresh air into the Caribbean Hotel Restaurant Institutional (HRI) food service sector. Yet in 2021 sector sales still fell short of pre-pandemic levels.
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South Africa: Poultry and Products Annual

Post forecasts that chicken meat production will increase by two percent in 2023 as a result of economic recovery, normalization of feed costs, and increased investment by the industry due to anticipated high revenue from market year 2022.
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Argentina: Livestock and Products Annual

Argentine cattle stock, cattle slaughter, beef production, consumption and export volumes are all forecast to remain practically unchanged in 2023. China is expected to continue as the main export destination, potentially accounting for more than 70 percent of the 770,000 tons carcass weight equivalent (CWE) projected exports. Despite strong global beef demand and good prices, current, government imposed, export restrictions are projected to prevent Argentina from shipping larger volumes.
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Uruguay: Livestock and Products Annual

The Uruguayan beef and cattle industry is in very good economic condition. Strong foreign demand and very high export prices are benefiting all parts of the value chain with cow-calf and cattle finishing operations seeing strong, positive returns. 2023 cattle slaughter is projected at 2.56 million head, the third year in a row with high numbers.
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Brazil: Biofuels Annual

Total Brazilian ethanol production for 2022 is estimated at 31.66 billion liters, an increase of six percent relative to 2021 due to the expected increase in sugarcane production and the steady increase in corn ethanol production.
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El Salvador: Retail Foods

The retail sector in El Salvador has remained strong and stable, with new outlets opening and new online shopping options. Super Selectos is the largest supermarket chain, followed by Walmart which in January 2022 announced it is considering the sale of its outlet stores in El Salvador. Imports of U.S. consumer-oriented products reached a record-high of $267 million in 2021.
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Mexico: Cotton and Products Update

Post forecasts cotton imports from the United States to grow by 10 percent in marketing year (MY) 2022/23. Post forecast for MY 2022/23 production will increase by nearly 19 percent from previous year. Mexico's textile industry continues to respond to strong demand for yarn and fabric, particularly in the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) region, for final product export to the Untied States.
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Canada: Poultry and Products Annual

FAS/Canada projects moderate growth in chicken meat production in 2023, following a challenging year in 2022 due to tight supplies of hatching eggs and day-old chicks, and increased avian influenza occurrence.
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Mexico: Livestock and Products Annual

Post forecasts Mexico’s calf crop at 8.45 million head for 2023. Post forecasts cattle exports for 2023 at 1.2 million head, a slight increase from the 2022 estimate. Post forecasts beef production for 2023 at 2.22 million metric tons (MMT) carcass weight equivalent (CWE), almost a two percent increase from 2022.
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Mexico: Poultry and Products Annual

Strong domestic demand and technological improvements are projected to support continued growth in domestic poultry production, with calendar year (CY) 2023 chicken meat production forecast higher at 4 million metric tons (MMT).