On December 14, 2021, the World Trade Organization (WTO) released its findings from the dispute panel initiated in August 2019 against India’s trade distorting sugar subsidies. The WTO report found that India’s subsidies violated its obligations under the multilateral agreement.
Quarterly Agricultural Export Forecast

Quarterly Agricultural Export Forecast

FAS and the Economic Research Service jointly publish the quarterly Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Trade. The agricultural export forecast is updated February, May, August, and November.
On May 20, 2021 the Department of Food and Public Distribution, under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India, slashed its sugar export subsidy by $27.32 per metric ton under the Maximum Admissible Export Quota (MAEQ). This assistance...
On September 18, 2020, India notified to the World Trade Organization (WTO) a draft regulation related to new labeling requirements for packaged foods containing sweeteners.
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India: Covid-19 Impact on the Indian Sugar Industry

In its battle against the Corona virus pandemic, the Indian government has extended the March 25th national lockdown till May 3rd.
On February 1, 2020, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Government of India’s (GOI) annual budget for Indian Fiscal Year (IFY) 2020/21.
The Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka introduces a new regulation under the section 32 of the Food Act, No. 26 of 1980, in consultation with the Food Advisory Committee.
FSSAI published a directive to implement its draft regulation relating to the deletion of the parameter ‘total soluble solid’ and its values for thermally processed fruit beverages, fruit drinks...
India notified its 2018 draft labeling and display regulations and invited comments from the World Trade Organization (WTO) members.
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Pakistan: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

Pakistan continues to make significant progress towards implementing a full-fledged biotechnology and seed regulatory structure that is expected to facilitate the introduction of new seed....
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Pakistan: Sugar Update 2018

In response to large carry-over stocks at the onset of the current harvest, the Government of Pakistan has increased the volume of sugar eligible for an export subsidy from 500,000 metric tons....
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Pakistan: Exporter Guide

Pakistan is a small but growing market for imported consumer food products and the small modern retail sector is growing slowly.