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Canada: Wood Pellets for Heat and Power

Canadian wood pellet production is forecast for continued growth in 2021 as plant capacity utilization improves.
Due to the measures taken by many countries to control the Covid-19 spread, sales of Colombian flowers are down 40 percent.
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Mexico: FAIRS Export Certificate Report

This report provides current information on export certificates issued by U.S. government agencies that comply with import standards and regulations enforced by Mexican officials.
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Belize: Belize Agricultural Brief

In 2018, U.S. agricultural and related products exported to Belize reached a record $61.1 million.
On July 12, 2018, Guatemala announced new phytosanitary requirements for U.S. non-processed agricultural goods that will allow many more U.S. agricultural products to enter the market.
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Chile: Best Prospects for U.S. Wood Products in Chile

Chile presents market opportunities for U.S. wood products in the construction, wine, and salmon industries.
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El Salvador: FAIRS Export Certificate Report

Sections Updated: Section I. List of all Export Certificates Required by Government and Section II. Purpose of Specific Export Certificate (s), Section V. Other Certification/Accreditation....
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Peru: Wood and Wood Product Trade in Peru Remains Strong

Peru’s forest product market is expected to grow in 2018 after a slowdown in the construction sector compounded by heavy rains, flooding and landslides reduced market size in 2017.
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Peru: Seminar Promotes Wood Frame Housing Construction

To increase exports of wood and wood products to Peru through increased understanding of the products, FAS Lima coordinated an educational seminar on the uses of Southern Yellow Pine....
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Peru: Reconstruction Time for Peru after Severe Coastal Niño

The Government of Peru recently approved a reconstruction plan called “Reconstruction with Changes” for S/. 25,655 million soles or $7.8 billion dollars.
USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA) held a technical seminar to promote wood frame construction in Peru.
On December 15, 2016, Mexico’s Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) published draft modifications to the regulation (NOM-013-SEMARNAT) establishing phytosanitary requirements...