Peru: FAIRS Country Report

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This report outlines Peru’s regulatory requirements for food and agricultural product imports and it updates the 2014 FAIRS Country Report’s Section I (General Food Laws and Sanitary Supervisory Agencies), Section V (Labeling Requirements), and Appendix I (Government Regulatory Agency Contacts). Hyperlinks to ministries, agencies, and legal documents are provided throughout.

Peru: FAIRS Country Report

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On March 15, 2022, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) State Administration for Market Regulation and National Standardization Committee released National Food Safety Standard for Drinking Water Quality (GB5749-2022), which entered into force on April 1, 2023.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

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On May 30, 2023, the State Council Tariff Commission (SCTC) announced another extension to Section 301 retaliatory tariff exclusions on 12 agricultural products, including shrimp for cultivation, whey for feed, fishmeal for feed, alfalfa and seven hardwood products through December 31, 2023.
On June 2, 2023, China notified to the World Trade Organization (WTO) under G/SPS/N/CHN/1278/Add.1 the amended Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Phytosanitary Certificate for Re-Export of China.