Netherlands: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

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Hotel, restaurant, and institutional (HRI) foodservice industry sales in the Netherlands rebounded in 2021 to almost $11.8 billion. This was an increase of 37 percent compared to 2020, which had been a dramatic year for the foodservice sector due to the imposed measures to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19). Sales via home delivery have exploded since the outbreak of the pandemic, accounting for more than a fifth of total foodservice sales. This segment will continue to grow as food retailers unite with delivery platforms to serve consumers that are looking for affordable convenience. The foodservice industry is facing a tight labor market, rising food prices, and competition from food retail stores which are now offering more prepared options and grab-and-go meals at their stores. Despite these challenges, foodservice sales are expected to continue to grow in 2022, albeit at a much slower pace compared to the growth rate in 2021.

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