The EU-28 sugar production for food purposes for MY 2016/17 is forecast at 16.5 million MT in raw sugar equivalent (RSE), with another 0.9 million MT produced for industrial purposes. The estimate for the MY 2015/16 production under the EU sugar regime is decreased to 14.0 million MT RSE, as EU sugar processors carried over 2.89 million MT RSE of unsold out-of-quota sugar from MY 2014/15. The surplus for industrial uses for MY 2015/16 was a 2.2 million MT. EU-28 quota production for MY 2014/15 was 18.45 million MT in RSE, including the 2.89 million MT carry-over and another 2.7 million MT for industrial purposes. EU sugar consumption for food continues its increase reaching 18.8 million MT RSE, fueled by increased immigration. Sugar imports for MY 2015/2016 and MY 2016/17 may increase to 3.5 million MT because Brazil has started to ship again. Sugar exports remain limited to 1.5 million MT by the EU’s WTO sugar export ceiling. EU sugar stocks for MY 2014/15 jumped to 4.1 million MT, decreasing again to 1.3 million MT in MY 2015/16 and 1.0 million MT in MY 2016/17.

EU-28: Sugar Annual