Cotton and Hemp

U.S. Cotton Exports in 2021

Total Export Value
$5.68 Billion
Total Volume (Millions)
3 Metric Tons
3-Year Average
$5.92 Billion
Compound Average Growth
-0.91% (2012-2021)

Top 10 Markets for Cotton in 2021

Market Total Value (USD)
China $1.33 Billion
Vietnam $1.03 Billion
Pakistan $705.75 Million
Turkey $555 Million
Mexico $406.98 Million
Bangladesh $308.94 Million
Indonesia $215.36 Million
India $211.32 Million
South Korea $151.39 Million
Peru $126.38 Million
Top 10 Cotton Export Markets 2012 - 2021
Annual Cotton Exports 2012 - 2021

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Data and Analysis

Attaché Report (GAIN)

Indonesia: Cotton and Products Update

Indonesian cotton imports in 2021/22 increased by 11.7 percent to 2.57 million bales due to increased economic activity following relaxed COVID-19 restrictions. However, due to the global economic slowdown leading to lower demand for Indonesian textiles and products, cotton imports in 2022/23 are forecast to slightly decline to 2.50 million bales.
International Agricultural Trade Report

Record U.S. FY 2022 Agricultural Exports to China

U.S. agricultural exports to China in fiscal year (FY) 2022 were $36.4 billion and surpassed the previous year’s record with China as the largest export market for the second consecutive year. Significantly higher agricultural prices and resilient demand helped drive exports above the previous year’s record despite lower volumes for most products.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Brazil: Cotton and Products Update

Post forecasts 2022/23 planted cotton area at 1.66 million hectares (ha), with production at 13.3 million bales (2.89 million metric tons, MMT), about a 13 percent increase from the 2021/22 estimated production of 11.52 million bales (2.5 MMT). Cotton area is forecast to rise because of favorable weather leading to timely first-season soybean planting and improved yields, as well as a favorable outlook for prices and profitability.

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