During the 2013 fiscal year, U.S. agricultural exports to Turkey were nearly $2.2 billion – down from the record of $2.5 billion set in in FY 2011, but up 16 percent from FY 2012. Major U.S. exports to Turkey include cotton, soybeans and soybean meal, and tree nuts.

In an attempt to further improve trade prospects, U.S. and Turkish negotiators recently initiated trade talks, even while Turkey’s accession to the European Union has reportedly stalled.  

Data & Analysis

November 24, 2014
Post learned, November 22 that Turkish officials now require an official attestation that imports utilizing enzymes or microorganisms are free from genetically engineered enzymes or microorganisms.
November 21, 2014
The marketing year MY 2014 Turkish cotton crop is now projected at 430,000 hectares and 700,000 metric tons (MT) (3.2 million bales).
November 19, 2014
Turkey’s production of all deciduous fruits were reduced in marketing year (MY) 2014 from last year due to a spring frost in late March 2014.