On August 6, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree banning importation of a list of agricultural and food products from the United States and other countries.

International Agricultural Trade Report: Russia Bans Key U.S. Agricultural Exports 

Attaché Report: Russia Announces Ban on Many U.S. Agricultural Products

Data & Analysis

November 19, 2015
A slowing economy, falling consumer purchase power, a food import ban, and a depreciating Russian ruble are all expected to lower demand in MY 2015 for imported apples by 6.5 percent...
November 19, 2015
This biannual report, published in May and November, includes data on U.S. and global trade, production, consumption and stocks, as well as analysis of developments affecting world trade in sugar.
November 17, 2015
GOR Allocates Additional Funding for Agricultural Credits . . . New Federal Agricultural Subsidy Distribution Orders . . . Construction of Primorye Fisheries Cluster to be Launched in 2016 . . .
November 11, 2015
In preparation for the All-Russian Agricultural Census 2016 Russian State Statistical Service (Rosstat) clarified the classification of Russian agricultural producers.