Data & Analysis

December 1, 2015
On November 6, 2015, the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying, and Fisheries, Government of India, published a new veterinary health certificate for pork and pork product imports.
December 1, 2015
FAS provides summaries of the latest USDA quarterly forecasts for U.S. trade in agricultural products and a link to the joint FAS/ERS publication Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Trade.
November 19, 2015
This biannual report, published in May and November, includes data on U.S. and global trade, production, consumption and stocks, as well as analysis of developments affecting world trade in sugar.
November 12, 2015
India published two notices concerning Draft Food Safety and Standards Amendment Regulations, 2015 and Draft Food Safety and Standards Amendment Regulation, 2015 for comment.