New Zealand

In fiscal year 2013, U.S. exports of agricultural and related products to New Zealand reached $432 million, while U.S. agricultural imports from New Zealand totaled $2.4 billion. Top U.S. agricultural exports include fresh fruit, dairy products, pet food, pork and prepared food.

New Zealand is a strong advocate of deregulation and supports science- and risk-based approaches to trade. New Zealand is participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, offering further opportunities to break down trade barriers and expand market access for U.S. food and agricultural products.

Data & Analysis

January 27, 2015
This report outlines regulatory requirements for food and agricultural products exported to New Zealand. The sections on food laws, copyright and trademarks laws have been updated...
January 2, 2015
New Zealand's imports of consumer-oriented agricultural products have trended upward over the past several years and in 2013 reached US$364 million in comparison to US$124 million in 2006.