All U.S. products enjoy duty-free access to the Chilean market as of January 1, 2015, thanks to the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement.

Since the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement entered into force in 2004, U.S. food and agricultural exports to Chile have grown more than 500 percent, totaling $803 million in FY 2015.

Two-thirds of all U.S. agricultural exports to Chile are high-value, consumer-oriented products, led by red meat and poultry, dairy, prepared foods, and wine and beer. With promising projections for long-term economic stability, Chile offers a market in which U.S. products can be competitive and successful.

Chile is participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), whose implementation will further boost the Chilean economy and tighten integration with the U.S. economy, helping further expand demand for U.S. agricultural products.

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