Nigeria is one of the world’s largest markets for U.S. wheat exports.U.S. wheat sales to Nigeria were valued at nearly $985 million in fiscal year 2013. Overall, U.S. exports of agricultural products to Nigeria totaled $1.1 billion in 2013.

In 2012, Nigeria started a program to encourage the replacement of wheat flour with cassava flour through measures such as tax incentives and an additional 15-percent levy on imported wheat. Nigeria also maintains import restrictions on several agricultural products, including poultry and beef products. 

USDA has trained more than 230 Nigerians in the United States through its Faculty Exchange, Cochran, and Borlaug Fellowship programs in subjects such as food safety, aquaculture, pest management and food processing. The United States and Nigeria formed a Bi-national Commission in 2010, and signed a trade and investment framework agreement (TIFA) in 2000. 

The FAS regional office in Lagos, Nigeria, also covers Benin and Cameroon.