FY 2014 Compliance Review Schedule - Market Development Programs


FAS Reviewer

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Alaska Agricultural Development and Marketing Inc. Lawrence Chamorro
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Lawrence Chamorro / Vincent Fusaro
Almond Board of California Jennifer Duncan
American Hardwood Export Council Jameika Henderson
American Peanut Council Alonzo Parker / Evgeni Dobrev
American Pistachio Growers Jennifer Duncan
American Seed Trade Association Marianne Soliman / Jennifer Duncan
American Sheep Industry Association Jameika Henderson / Damien Singh
American Soybean Association/USSEC Jennifer Duncan / Marianne Soliman
American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute Beth Wong
Blue Diamond Growers Evgeni Dobrev
Brewers Association (Bryant Christie) Lawrence Chamorro / Damien Singh
Bryant Christie (TASC) Lawrence Chamorro / Damien Singh
California Ag Export Council Evgeni Dobrev
California Cherry Marketing Research Board (Bryant Christie) Lawrence Chamorro / Damien Singh
California Citrus Mutual Beth Wong
California Cling Peach Board (Bryant Christie) Lawrence Chamorro / Damien Singh
California Grape & Tree Fruit League Jennifer Duncan
California Pear Advisory Council Damien Singh
California Prune Board Damien Singh
California Specialty Crops Council Damien Singh
California Table Grape Commission Jennifer Duncan
Citrus Research Board Beth Wong
Cooperative Resources International Evgeni Dobrev
Cotton Council International   Beth Wong
Cranberry Marketing Committee (Bryant Christie) Lawrence Chamorro / Damien Singh
Food Export Association of Midwest USA Beth Wong / Marie Butler
Food Export USA Northeast Alonzo Parker / Marianne Soliman
Ginseng Board Evgeni Dobrev
Growth Energy Beth Wong
Hawaii Papaya Industry Association Beth Wong
Hops Growers of America (Bryant Christie) Lawrence Chamorro / Damien Singh
ILSA Research Foundation Alonzo Parker
International Food Information Evgeni Dobrev
Intertribal Council Evgeni Dobrev
JBC International Evgeni Dobrev
Leather Industries of America Evgeni Dobrev
Minnesota Department of Agriculture Damien Singh
Mohair Council of America Lawrence Chamorro
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture To be Assigned
National Hay Association Jameika Henderson
National Pecan Growers Council Jameika Henderson
National Pork Board Evgeni Dobrev
National Potato Promotion Board Alonzo Parker
National Renderers Association Marianne Soliman
Northwest Wine Promotion Coalition (Bryant Christie) Lawrence Chamorro / Damien Singh
Pear Bureau Northwest Lawrence Chamorro
Pet Food Institute Jameika Henderson
Produce Marketing Association Evgeni Dobrev
Promar Consulting Jameika Henderson
Recombinetics Inc. Damien Singh
Richard Fritz & Associates Alonzo Parker
Rutgers University Evgeni Dobrev
SIAM Professionals, LLC Evgeni Dobrev
Softwood Export Council Lawrence Chamorro
Southern Forest Products Association Jennifer Duncan
Southern U.S. Trade Association Marianne Soliman / Jennifer Duncan
Synergistic Hawaii Agriculture Council Beth Wong
The Engineered Wood Association  Alonzo Parker
The Popcorn Board Marie Butler
U.S. Apple Export Council Alonzo Parker / Marianne Soliman
U.S. Dairy Export Council Evgeni Dobrev
U.S. Dry Bean Council Alonzo Parker
U.S. Grains Council Evgeni Dobrev / Alonzo Parker
U.S. Hide, Skin and Leather Association Marianne Soliman
U.S. Hop Industry Plant Protection Committee Alonzo Parker
U.S. Livestock Genetics Export, Inc. Marianne Soliman
U.S. Meat Export Federation Jameika Henderson / Damien Singh
U.S. Rice Producers Association Lawrence Chamorro
U.S. Wheat Associates Jennifer Duncan / Marianne Soliman
University of Alaska Lawrence Chamorro
USA Poultry & Egg Export Council Jameika Henderson
USA Rice Federation Jennifer Duncan / Alonzo Parker
USA Tomatoes-California Fresh Tomato Farmers  & Florida Tomato Committee (Bryant Christie)  Lawrence Chamorro / Damien Singh
Washington Apple Commission Alonzo Parker
Washington State Fruit Commission Alonzo Parker
Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association Jenifer Duncan / Alonzo Parker
Wine Institute   Beth Wong
World Ag Economics and Environmental Services To Be Assigned
World Wide Sires Beth Wong