FY 2014 Compliance Review Schedule - Food Assistance Programs


Agreement Number

FAS Reviewer

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FCC-685-2009/015-00 Jennifer Duncan/Beth Wong
Aga Khan Foundation FCC-688-2010/010-00 Alonzo Parker
American Soybean Association FCC-306-2010/028-00 Beth Wong/Damien Singh
Cornell University  FCC-388-2009 003-00 Alonzo Parker
Counterpart International FFE-685-2006/133-00 Lawrence Chamorro
Food for the Poor   FFE-524-2011/028-00 Marie Butler
Humpty Dumpty Institute FFE-439-2010/015-00A Lawrence Chamorro
IPHD  FFE-657-2011/035-00 Marianne Soliman
Land O'Lakes  FFE-391-2010/018-00 Evgeni Dobrev
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association FGR-511-2003/079-00 Marianne Soliman
Partners For Development-Benin   FCC-680-2011\009-00 Jennifer Duncan
Small Enterprise Assistance Funds FCC-388-2011/007-00 Jameika Henderson
Winrock  FCC-391-2010/032-00 Damien Singh
World Council of Credit Unions FCC-663-2009/006-00-A Evgeni Dobrev
World Vision Inc.  FFE-306-2011/036-00 Jameika Henderson