GSM-102 Approved Financial Institutions - China Region

China Region
Eligible Banking Countries: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia
Agricultural Bank of China, China
Bank of China, Limited, China
+86 +10 6659 1488
+86 +10 6659 2170
Bank of China, Limited, Macau Branch  
Bank of Communications, China  
China Construction Bank, China  
China Merchants Bank, China
(646) 843-6875
China CITIC Bank, China  
China Minsheng Banking Corporation, China  
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China  
Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia, Mongolia  
Note: In addition to the banks listed below, the banks listed under the Southeast Asia Region (except Vietnam) are approved to transact business in the China Region. Also, banks in the China Region are approved to transact business under the Southeast Asia Region.
Contact: Eli Fleminger, (202) 401-2575 or Rita Carleton, (202) 720-9357