GSM-102 Approved Financial Institutions - Central America Region

Central America Region
Eligible Banking Countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama
Financial Institution
Multilateral Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior, S.A. (BLADEX), Panama
Costa Rica Banco BAC San Jose
Costa Rica Banco BCT
Costa Rica Banco General (Costa Rica) S.A.
Costa Rica Banco Improsa
Costa Rica Scotiabank de Costa Rica
El Salvador Banco Agricola
El Salvador Banco de America Central (BAC) (formerly Banco Credomatic)
El Salvador Banco Davivienda Salvadoreño, S.A. (formerly Banco HSBC Salvaddoreño, S.A.)
El Salvador Banco Promerica
Guatemala BAC Guatemala
Guatemala Banco Agromercantil de Guatemala
Guatemala Banco de Desarrollo Rural de Guatemala (Banrural)
Guatemala Banco de los Trabajadores, S.A.
Guatemala Banco G and T Continental, S.A.
Guatemala Banco Industrial, S.A.
Guatemala Banco Interacional, S.A.
Guatemala Banco Reformador
Guatemala Financeira de Occidente S.A. (FIDOSA) - for shipments into Guatemala only
Honduras Banco Atlantida, S.A.
Honduras Banco de America Central Honduras, S.A.
Honduras Banco del Pais, S.A. (Banpais)
Honduras Banco Davivienda Honduras
Honduras Banco Financeria Comercial Hondureña, S.A. (FICHOSA)
Panama BAC International Bank, Inc.
Panama Banco Aliado
Panama Banco Colpatria Red Multibanca, Panama Branch
Panama Banco General
Panama Banco Internacional de Costa Rica (BICSA), Panama (for shipments into Costa Rica only)
Panama Banco Lafise Panama, S.A.
Panama Banesco, S.A.
Panama Banistmo, S.A.
Panama BCT Bank International, S.A.
Panama Capital Bank, Inc.
Panama Credicorp Bank, S.A.
Panama Global Bank Corporation
Panama Metrobank, S.A.
Panama Multibank Inc. (formerly Multi Credit Bank Inc.)
Note: Approved financial institutions in Mexico and the Caribbean, Central America and South America regions are approved to transact business in any of these four countries/regions.
Multilateral - Tim Hunt, (202) 720-1376 or Jane Wilkins, (202) 720-5263
Costa Rica -  Aaron Alonge, (202) 690-0829 or Miguel Parkins, (202) 720-3092
El Salvador, Honduras - Scott Kim, (202) 401-0218 or Jane Wilkins, (202) 720-5263
Guatemala - Jane Wilkins, (202) 720-5263 or Miguel Parkins, (202) 720-3092
Panama - Tim Hunt, (202) 720-1376 or Jane Wilkins, (202) 720-5263