Sugar Monthly Import and Re-Export Data


  • The February WASDE report shows fiscal year (FY) 2015 WTO raw sugar tariff-rate quota (TRQ) shortfall projected at 99,208 short tons raw value (STRV), unchanged from last month.  The country details are shown on Table 3.
  • The third tranche of the FY 2015 specialty sugar TRQ is full.  The two remaining specialty sugar TRQ tranches (#4 and #5) have not yet opened.  A valid specialty sugar certificate must accompany the imported sugar.
  • FY 2015 raw sugar imports under the Re-Export Program to date totaled 178,810 metric tons raw value.
  • Beginning January 1, 2015, quantitative limits on sugar items from Bahrain are removed.  Given that under the United States-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement, items must be originating goods of Bahrain, and no significant change in trade patterns is anticipated.
  • Past Reports (USDA Economics, Statistics and Market Information System)

FY 2015 February Report (Excel)
FY 2015 February Report (PDF)