Includes biodiesel, ethanol, distillers dried grains (DDGs)

Data & Analysis

March 4, 2015
Post kept its forecast for Brazil's 2014/15 soybean production at a record of 93 million metric tons (MT).
January 21, 2015
U.S. exports of corn-based products have experienced rapid growth in the past decade, reaching a value of $7.6 billion in fiscal year 2014, up 16 percent from the previous year.
January 9, 2015
China’s 2014 fuel ethanol production is forecast to reach 2.8 billion liters, up six percent from the previous year due to fuel consumption growth in provinces with a blend mandate.
January 8, 2015
In December 2014, the Dutch energy sector and NGOs agreed upon the sustainability criteria for biomass but couldn’t agree on the time path for complying with these criteria.