Certificate of Free Sale Point of Contact List

A directory of contacts within State Departments of Agriculture who issue export certification documents such as Certificates of Free Sale.

State Name Email Phone Area of Expertise
Alabama Ron Sparks agcompliance@agi.alabama.gov; scott.absher@agi.alabama.gov (334) 240-7186 Department of Agriculture
Alaska Breanna Bullock breanna.bullock@alaska.gov  (907) 269-7510 Department of Environmental Conservation 
Arizona Alyssa Lusk   (602) 542-0998 Department of Agriculture
Arkansas Phillip Fruechting phillip.fruechting@arkansas.gov (501) 661-2171 Department of Health, Food Protection Services Section
California Misty McDaniel misty.mcdaniel@cdfa.ca.gov  (916) 900-5008 Department of Health, Food Protection Services Section
Colorado Timothy Larsen timothy.larsen@state.co.us (303) 239-4118 Department of Agriculture
  Laura Pottorff laura.pottorff@state.co.us (303) 239-4153 Department of Agriculture
  Susan Parachini susan.parachini@state.co.us (303) 692-3646 Department of Public Heath and Environment
  Steve Bornmann steve.bornmann@state.co.us (303) 867-9212 Department of Public Heath and Environment
  Patrick McPherren patrick.w.mcpherren@aphis.usda.gov (303) 371-3355 Department of Agriculture
Connecticut Frank Greene frank.greene@ct.gov (860) 713-6160 Department of Consumer Protection, Food and Standards
Delaware David Smith davidm.smith@state.de.us    Department of Agriculture


Twanna Stephens


(850) 245-5529
Dept of Ag and Consumer Services, Division of Food Safety Bureau of Food and Meat Inspection.  Also Division of Marketing and Development, Bureau of Development and Information
Georgia Kathy Holiday kathy.holiday@agr.georgia.gov  (404) 656-3621 Dept of Ag, Consumer Protection Division
Hawaii Michael Muraoka michael.k.muraoka@aphis.usda.gov  (808) 834-3255 Department of Agriculture
Idaho Mike Cooper mike.cooper@agri.idaho.gov (208) 332 8620 Department of Agriculture
  Laura Johnson laura.johnson@agri.idaho.gov (208) 322-8533 Department of Agriculture
Illinois Melissa Estes dph.mailus@illnois.gov  (217) 558-4561 Department of Public Health, Division of Food Drugs and Dairies
Indiana Doug Metcalf dmetcalf@boah.in.gov (317) 544-2400 Board of Animal Health
  Gary Haynes ghaynes@boah.in.gov   Board of Animal Health
Iowa Tanish McGuire feedandfertilizer@iowaAgriculture.gov (515) 281-8597 Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Feed and Fertilizer; Department of Inspection and Consumer Safety Bureau
Louisana Dr. Carrie Castille ccastille@ldaf.state.la.us (225) 922-1251 Department of Health and Hospitals, Food and Drug Unit
Missouri Shanta Emanuel abd@mda.mo.gov (573) 751-4339 All Exports (Agriculture)
Mississippi Paige Manning paige@mdac.ms.gov (601) 359-1163 Agricultural Products
North Carolina Michelle Shallington michelle.shallington@ncagr.gov (919) 733-7366 Food Products 
  Richard R. Beasley richard.beasley@fsis.usda.gov (919) 218-6302 Meat/Poultry
New Hampshire Cindy Heisler cindy.heisler@agr.nh.gov (603) 271-2404 Livestock
  Dr. Jeffrey Bergeron jeffrey.bergeron@fsis.usda.gov (978) 880-8500 Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Program Support
New Jersey Peter DeTroia n/a (609) 826-4935 Department of Health - Food and Drug Safety Program
Ohio Donna Bohsing dbohsing@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6250 Department of Food Safety
Okaholma Haidar Haidary haidar.haidary@ag.ok.gov (405) 522-6193 All Exports (South/Central America)
  Barbara Charlet barbara.charlet@ag.ok.gov (405) 522-6192 All Exports (Asia/Canada/Europe)
Oregon Karen Apiado kapiado@oda.state.or.us (503) 581-7668 Products stored in Ohio-inspected warehouses
  Brad Leamaster bleamaster@oda.state.or.us (503) 986-4680 State Veterinarian
South Carolina Margie Entzminger margie.l.entzminger@aphis.usda.gov (803) 462-2910 Feed Product
  Connie Garvey cgarvey@scda.sc.gov (803) 734-2217 All Exports
  Ellen Lloyd elloyd@scda.sc.gov (803) 734-2211 All Exports
Utah Sarah Lealos slealos@utah.gov (801) 538-7159 Department of Agriculture and Food, Division of Regulatory Services
  Amanda Bowthorpe abowthorpe@utah.gov (801) 538-7156 Department of Agriculture and Food, Division of Regulatory Services
Virginia Rick Barham rick.barham@vdacs.virginia.gov (804) 786-3520 Food Products
  Keith Long keith.long@vdacs.virginia.gov (804) 371-8990 International Exports (Can refer to Meat if necessary, contact first)
Vermont Heather Tolman heather.tolman@state.vt.us (802) 828-2433 Dairy Products
  Chelsea   (802) 828-2790 Department of Agriculture, Food and Markets
West Virginia Cindy Martel cmartel@wvda.us (304) 465-3762 or (304) 541-9756 Bureau for Public Health, Office of Environment Health Services  
  Justin Thaxton justin.v.thaxton@aphis.usda.gov (304) 343-8591 Phytosanitary Certificates (Plants/Plant Products)

Updated 4/30/2014