Special Emphasis Programs

Special Emphasis activities and support are an integral part of the Civil Rights mission. Within their respective duties, Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPMs) assist the Office of Civil Rights and the agency to ensure that equal opportunity is present in all aspects of FAS’ programs and services.  

Special Emphasis Program Observance Contact
American Indian/Alaskan Native November Teresina.Chin@fas.usda.gov
Asian American/Pacific Islander May Josephine.Liu@fas.usda.gov
Black Emphasis February civilrights@fas.usda.gov
Disability Employment and Awareness October Steffon.Brown@fas.usda.gov
Federal Women’s March civilrights@fas.usda.gov
Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender June Nicola.Sakhleh@fas.usda.gov
Hispanic Emphasis September 15 – October 15 Francisco.DelPozo@fas.usda.gov
Veteran's Emphasis Program   Will.Deibler@fas.usda.gov